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Amplify Writers is seeking input from writers at all levels who consider creative writing to be a part of their professional career. This includes writers who have ever earned any amount of income from creative writing and those who one day hope to earn money from writing or writing-related jobs (such as book reviewing, teaching, or editing). We are open to input from writers living anywhere in the world, though we are particularly focused on ensuring we receive input from writers living in the Portland-metro area. 

The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete and is entirely anonymous. Your responses will help us to understand the types of career support writers need and barriers to access they’ve experienced in the past. Survey respondents will have the opportunity to enter their names in a raffle to win… SO MANY BOOKS! 

Our list of raffle prizes for survey respondents continue to grow, but so far we have confirmed gift cards or book bundles from Another Read Through, Belmont Books, Forest Avenue Press, Microcosm Publishing, Rose City Book Pub, and Wallace Books!